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Cecil and Khoshekh horsing around by missdragonlady Cecil and Khoshekh horsing around :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Cecil Squared (Which is the Double?) by missdragonlady Cecil Squared (Which is the Double?) :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 1 2 Cecil and Khoshekh by missdragonlady Cecil and Khoshekh :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Cecil Gershwin Palmer Cosplay by missdragonlady Cecil Gershwin Palmer Cosplay :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Night Vale Eye See You by missdragonlady Night Vale Eye See You :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Erika 1-I can never remember which Erika is which by missdragonlady Erika 1-I can never remember which Erika is which :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Night Vale Deer by missdragonlady Night Vale Deer :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 1 0 Glow Cloud by missdragonlady Glow Cloud :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 1 0 Khoshekh 2017 by missdragonlady Khoshekh 2017 :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0
Night Vale - Tomorrow (Fan Episode)
All it takes is a moment and an intuitive tarantula. Maybe a badger too? Oh no, you don’t know what I’m talking about. Just continue on then...
Carlos: Well, it’s tomorrow already. It also seems that I am still here, Night Vale. It's Carlos. I didn't want to leave the station, what with Cecil out there. Someone's got to hold down the fort. I just wish I could do something.
[Phone Rings]
Ca: Hello? Yes, this is Carlos. Intern Carisa? Yes, I can understand Morse Code. You found the shelf where the missing book goes, the one Cecil took out all those years ago? Really?  He took that out. No, I don't think he finished reading it. Oh, I see...What are the librarians planning, Carisa? You are going deeper into the library. Please be careful. I will stay on the air and report the news to Night Vale. It's what Cecil would do. No, I don't know if he found it. I don't even know if he will go to the pit, or what is planning. I am awfully worried. Thank you, Carisa.
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Night Vale - Today (Fan Episode)
See the sunset on the mystery. It’s beautiful isn’t it? It’s full of reds, oranges, and yellows….so pure…and so on fire.
Hello Listeners, Cecil, here.
I just don't know what to say.
Today, Night Vale, there are strange things a foot. Both of the station interns, Sara, without an H, and Carisa the intern tarantula are out in the field searching for badgers, mysterious pits with chanting, canaries, and heaven knows what else. Now, Old Woman Josie is saying that the Angels have disappeared from her house. No word. Not even a note. They haven't even asked for bus fare, which is per their usual behaviour. That may mean that I they haven't left Night Vale, yet.
Oh, I just got a text from station management. It says, 'THERE ARE NO ANGELS!' Well, those beings named Erika that have been living out at Old Woman Josie’s, they have disappeared from her house. She seems very concerned.
Carlos is supposed to call me back about scienc
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Night Vale-Not Another Day (Fan Episode)
Listen to the sounds. They are all around. All around, I say. All around. ALL AROUND! They are ALL AROUND!
Not Another Day?
Good Day, Night Vale, Cecil here. It's not another day here in Night Vale, not after yesterday's uneventful events. On the up side my late evening picnic last night with Carlos was wonderful. We sat under the trees in Mission Grove Park and watched the Glow Cloud-All Hail-light up the sky. It was nice to see the Glow Cloud-All Hail-out and about. The feral dogs passed by, but Carlos gave them each a peanut butter tuna sandwich and they didn't bother us at all. It was wonderful watching the moonrise and seeing the glow fall across Carlos face. I am the luckiest community radio announcer ever.
You know, Listeners, the new Intern, Carisa, the tarantula, has been very helpful around the station.  She has gone out to interview residents who saw the Glow Cloud-All Hail-and witnessed its unusual behavior. She even took some pictures and sent them to Intern Sara to p
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Night Vale-Just Another Day (Fan Episode)-Update
Over time there passes complacency. Less we care, the more things go undo. So, remember, that you might have to light some hot coals to make you move faster. Just trust me on this!
Just Another Day?
Hello, Night Vale! It’s a beautiful day here in our little desert community. The sun is shining, the traffic on Route 800 is not backed up by Angels named Erika or floods of tarantulas. The Glow Cloud-All Hail-is floating over the Forbidden Dog Park and isn’t even dropping small dead animals. Well that's odd. Old Woman Josie has called to report that the Glow Cloud-All Hail-has dropped a single living animal on her property earlier, a canary, one that seems to be flying around her yard. She says that the Angels-not that there are Angels mind you-are dashing around her yard trying to catch the canary. It's like a giant game of catch the canary. [laughs]
No luck yet though, Listeners.
Honestly, Night Vale, I don’t have much to report today.
It has been strangely quiet in Nig
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Night Vale #1 - Just Another Day (Fan Episode) by missdragonlady Night Vale #1 - Just Another Day (Fan Episode) :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 1 0 Pop Gryphon by missdragonlady Pop Gryphon :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 0 0 Storm Dragons by missdragonlady Storm Dragons :iconmissdragonlady:missdragonlady 1 0


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The last time you kissed your ass goodbye you were on the back of his Harley with the wind in your hair and the bugs making you choke. I stood there, watching as you jumped on Rex's hog. You barely turned around to wave. It was a quick hand flick ever. I just stood there watching. You had said your goodbyes the night before. It had been the last night we were going to see each other. You were in my arms, naked and wrapped in tangles of sheets.

My mind raced, thinking what was it that made you leave...

I hated you in that moment. You, who had to leave and leave me for the asshole Rex. I hated you so much. I had wished you dead the next morning, after I found your letter with your red lipstick kissed into the paper.

When I made it the crossroads, I had just enough time to call out your name and see you barely wave back. I cursed you at that moment. Did you know that?



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